New City Community Groups are small gatherings of people who are learning to be like Jesus. We ask all of our groups to be built around five core principles that we see in the Scripture: caring for each other, studying with each other, praying with each other, eating with each other, and serving with each other.

Find a Community Group

Community Groups form around a location in the city. There are diverse people surrounding us, so our groups should reflect that diversity in our city. Many of our groups are full and can’t take others in. However, you can use the map below to find and to contact a Community Group in your area that has space available! The black-outlined groups are our multi-aged community groups. The grey-outlined groups are our college-aged community groups.


How often do group meet? Groups have different schedules. Some meet every week. Some every other week. Others do a mixture of activities one week and bible studies other weeks. Every group is different, but a consistent meeting schedule that works for the members of the group is important.

Can I try out different groups? You can try different groups, but try to commit to one group fairly quickly because commitment is necessary to build stronger relationships with people in the group. We encourage people to commit to a group that meets at a convenient time, near where they live.

Are there groups that are based on the same life stage as me? We believe that we need to learn from each other. For that reason we try to encourage diversity in our groups. If you look around the church on a Sunday, you can expect the Community Group to look similar.

Can I be in both a mixed group and a gender-specific group? Our groups are cognizant of gender specific issues and try to split into smaller groups when needed. However, if you still would like to be in two different groups, we ask that you try to stay committed to the people in both.

I don’t like the group that I’m in, can I switch groups? The most common reason people ask to switch groups is because of conflict. We encourage people to work out their differences. That isn’t always easy, but it is the way of Jesus. If differences seem to be irreconcilable, please seek out the leadership of the group or the leadership of New City Church.

Can I lead my own group? We encourage people to lead at New City. There are specific steps that we ask our leaders to go through. To talk with a pastor about it, contact us at

Contact Us

If you have any questions about Community Groups at New City, please contact us at