Disciples of Jesus at New City are formed by practices rooted in the way of Jesus. 

As followers of Jesus, we order our lives holistically around Him. Both His presence and His practices shape us. We believe that there are three main aspects of our lives that contribute to this transformation: personal practices, church practices, and community practices.

From reading our Bibles to joining a small group to serving on a team, there are many steps we can take to build our lives around Jesus. While we may not be able to do all of these at once, we encourage everyone to explore elements of each. Our hope is that these practices strengthen our personal relationships with Jesus, build connections within our church, and enable us to be a blessing to others in the community.


In order to live a life of following Jesus, our life for God must flow from a deep life with God. We believe these life-giving habits are essential ways in which Jesus wants to form our hearts with his love:

  • Spend time daily in scripture, silence, and prayer
  • Sign up to receive our Daily Devotional
  • Weekly rhythm of sabbath rest
  • Monthly, or weekly, time of fasting


The discipleship life cannot be done alone. We are designed to need each other. The practice of coming together with other Christians is vital, so we encourage everyone to be involved in one or several of these shared practices:

  • Worship at our Sunday gathering
  • Serve on a team
  • Grow in a large or small group


Jesus calls his Church into loving action for the flourishing of our neighbors. When our hearts are formed in the way of Jesus, our actions will follow. The ways that we engage with our neighbors and our city should reflect the ways that Jesus has treated us.

  • Reflect Jesus’ love at home, work, and school for the mission of God
  • Join us for service projects
  • Sign up to volunteer in our Justice & Care ministry