We believe that it is crucial for the message of Christ to go where culture is made, which is why we are located in the heart of Downtown Phoenix, at our city’s center.

Since cities are the intersection of art, politics, and business, we’re here to intersect the message of Jesus to the places where people live, work, study and play. In fact that mission and vision is reflected in the New City logo: where the green represents growth and renewal among the intersection of urban streets.

Following God breathes new life into our culture. So we intentionally minister to the arts, business, and student communities that surround us, and faithfully serve the outcast, voiceless, and under-resourced.

Families are also key in the life of New City, as we fully understand the impact that healthy families have in our culture. Because of this, we make ministering to children and youth a priority.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. We hope you visit us soon!


Live, Work, Study, Play

We exist to make disciples who take the message of Jesus to the places they live, work, study, and play.


Because the scripture teaches that God has ordained the time and boundaries for our existence (Acts 17:26), it is critical to understand that we live in the place we do for a reason. Our call to love our neighbor means we cannot overlook those right around us. We must ask ourselves, “How can I bring the good news of Jesus to bear in the place I live?”


From the beginning God commanded us to work. Work is not a result of the fall, but rather is an integral part of joining God in the renewal of all things. We work to the glory of God (Colossians 3:23) and for the flourishing of others (Jeremiah 29:7). Simply put, work is calling and ministry and we must treat it as such.


God reminds us to take “every thought captive to obey Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:5) so whatever we study we understand that the truth of Jesus must inform our minds as we do. Because we know that “all truth is God’s truth” we do not need to be afraid of truth, wherever it’s source, because truth always leads us to Jesus. Thus, whether we are studying science, psychology, physics, or economics the Truth of the Gospel has a place there.


In Pslam 23, God tells us that he will “restore” our souls. So it comes as no surprise that the English word “recreate” finds its origin in this ancient Hebrew word. Recreation, or re-creation, renews us and allows us to see God more clearly. A life without play is a life that is missing a good deal of the restoring power of Jesus.