Back in my “college days” we used to have a label we’d give to those who were a damper on an otherwise perfectly good college-life party: a “buzz-kill.” Now, I’m not trying to glorify the questionable behavior that happened at many college parties, but the truth remains: when someone was intent on bringing the party down, they got the dreaded “buzz-kill” moniker. Where am I going with this? Well, this is the time of year that the church can get stuck with that label. While our culture just wants do Christmas like it does every year, some churches just have to be the yuletide buzz-kill and remind everyone what Christmas truly means.

Sorry, this year New City is one of those churches. On November 27th, we are starting a 4-week series called “The Advent Conspiracy.” As we anticipating Christ’s coming (that is what “advent” means), we want to do so with an appropriate response and celebration. Christmas should not be about shopping frenzy and credit card debt but rather the incarnation of our King, a gift for the entire world. Over the next four weeks we are going to challenge New City to Worship Fully, Love All, Spend Less and Give More to those in need.

We are doing so by meeting the practical needs of orphans served by Good News India, autistic children served by the Ashish Center in New Delhi and those who have been rescued from the horrors of the sex trade industry by The Rescue Project right here in Phoenix.

It is our goal to raise $10,000 this Christmas to give away and we believe that we will do that. We are asking that every parent would consider giving $15 for each child they have at New City. That $15 can feed a child in India for a month. Further, we ask that each adult give $35 toward reaching this goal. Some of you can give more than that but this is a good starting point. The point is to spend less on yourselves and give more of yourself away to those who have nothing…literally. It is easy to give. You can join us on Sundays (9:30 or 11) or give right now online: Simply choose “Advent Conspiracy” when you give.

Will you join us and rain on the parade of consumerism this year? Come on, be a cultural-Christmas buzz-kill with us! :)

Because He Lives,