Connection and community are critical components of your discipleship journey at New City. Along with attending our various events and social gatherings, we encourage everyone to get involved with a small group or in a class. Whether you prefer to grow your faith in a more relational setting or learn alongside a larger group, we provide a variety of ways to connect. We explain the differences and options below to help you find the right fit:



Small groups are a great way to connect with others in the church who want to grow in their faith. While many of our small groups are currently on a break until the fall, we do have several groups that are meeting throughout the summer. If you are interested in joining one of these groups, you can register by simply clicking on the appropriate group below and the leader will follow up with you shortly.

In addition to small groups, we encourage you to get connected this summer at New City in other ways. You can view our upcoming events below – including our women’s summer bible study, men’s dinner, young adult socials and family fun nights. Serving is another great way to get involved, and you can view those opportunities below as well.



Our classes offer knowledgeable instruction and engaging group discussion opportunities. Every class is held at New City and focuses on a specific topic or area of discipleship (such as marriage, finances, or theology). Along with covering different content and materials, we also encourage community and relationship building.