Connection and community are critical components of your discipleship journey at New City. Along with attending our various events and social gatherings, we encourage everyone to get involved with a small group or in a class. Whether you prefer to grow your faith in a more relational setting or learn alongside a larger group, we provide a variety of ways to connect. We explain the differences and options below to help you find the right fit:



Our small group life begins with Core. We encourage everyone to attend Core, which is a four-week discipleship experience, before joining a small group. These are community gatherings in homes throughout the city. Each group runs for 8-12 weeks at a time and has a specific vision for the semester – it could be anything from a devotional study to a book group to a discussion about a certain life stage. We ask for a desired commitment of at least 80% attendance in order to respect group dynamics. Sign-ups will be available at the beginning of every semester – typically spring, summer and fall.



Our classes offer knowledgeable instruction and engaging group discussion opportunities. Every class is held at New City and focuses on a specific topic or area of discipleship (such as marriage, finances, or theology). Along with covering different content and materials, we also encourage community and relationship building.