“He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

Our location in the heart of Phoenix gives us a unique opportunity to intersect with the neighborhood around us to bring about flourishing. Our vision is to address both the immediate and long-term needs of our community.

Through our Justice & Care ministry, we work to bring the hope of Jesus beyond the walls of our building to the areas where we live, work, study, and play. Every person we encounter has infinite value, and deserves to be treated with dignity, respect, and love. We provide opportunities for our church to carry out the gospel message through community practices that help our city flourish by restoring hope, loving our neighbor, and bringing the good news to a world that needs it.



Justice focuses on championing social justice and working to correct injustice among Phoenix’s population. We seek out conversations surrounding race and equity within our church and community in order to fulfill the Biblical vison of unity and reconciliation.

Building up brothers and sisters was imperative to the vitality of the early Christian church, and we work to continue that vision through partnerships with organizations like HustlePHX. Motivated by Christian faith, HustlePHX encourages the creation of sustainable business ventures that affirms the dignity of people and lead to the flourishing of all communities in Phoenix.



Mercy focuses on reaching out to under-resourced populations in our community. We support several community organizations in order to care for children and families in need, the unhoused, and the marginalized.

We partner with Christian Family Care and Kenilworth Elementary School to meet needs within the home and the school for families going through challenging seasons. Through Phoenix Rescue Mission and St. Vincent DePaul, we also work with the unhoused population of our city to empower them towards a path forward. Whether the need is financial, spiritual, food, housing, mental health, or something else, our goal is to serve the whole person.



When we talk about walking humbly together in our ministry, our vision focuses on abiding in God, and caring for those within our community. Feeding the hungry and caring for the widow is crucial to our walk with God, as is caring for those who struggle with mental health.

Mental health is a current and ever-changing topic, and people are more nuanced than we may think. So, we partner with community organizations to walk alongside members in our community who need mental health resources, prayer, and counseling. Our Care Team at New City is equipped to help with the holistic needs of a person, but we also refer community members to partner organizations such as the Phoenix Counseling Collective and the Mental Health Center of America, which is a multi-disciplinary, out-patient, mental health clinic in Central Phoenix.


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