This past Sunday I introduced everyone (except the 8:30am service) to Andy. Andy started coming to New City about two years ago and in Andy’s words, “New City became his family.”  Andy was brought to New City by a Grand Canyon University student who volunteered in a partnership GCU has with Alhambra High School.  The investment by one young man into the life of a high school student made all the difference in the world.  Now God continues to use New City to disciple and train Andy and many, many, many others like him who have come to know and love Jesus through our ministry in the city.

New City, this is what it is all about.  We are called to love God and love others and as the church we are called to do this together.  It takes all of us investing in the work to make it happen.   This investment happens through giving our time to others and through financially supporting the ministry of the church. That is why we are doing the Flourish Campaign: to strengthen the ministry of New City and to give to other ministries around the city and world.

Some people have told me that they are concerned that Flourish is just a “redecorating” campaign for the building.  I know that comments like that will come no matter what we say or do, but if you just look at the numbers you can see that about 15% of the goal would go to building improvements. Other monies will go to things like paying down our debt, which in turn frees up more resources. Much of the money is designated to church planting and direct investment in other ministries in the city.  It all works together. (If you’ve not seen them, the goals for the campaign are listed here.) Ultimately, I’m confident that our reasoning for every dollar we are hoping for is rooted in our heart for others. I know all the things we hope to do with the Flourish funds will translate to greater people impact and lead to more stories like Andy’s.

So, this Sunday we are asking people to give to the Flourish Campaign so that we can move more ministry forward. If you cannot make it Sunday, you can always give online and you can give through the end of the year.

We pray you flourish in all you do.