While God has blessed us with continuous growth at New City over the past 8+ years, the trend around the country has been the opposite (especially among people under the age of 40). All across the United States, and right here in Phoenix, there is a growing tide of people either leaving Christianity or not even considering it. The fastest growing religion in our country is actually “no religion.” For these reasons and more, this year’s Flourish Campaign focuses heavily on starting a new location of New City Church. Starting new churches has been shown as the number one way to reach and disciple people, so we feel the time for expanding our ministry is now. We pray that you’ll join us by participating sacrificially in our Flourish Campaign.



Q:  What is the fundraising goal this year?

Our goal is to raise $325,000 this year. This goal is extraordinarily reachable if everyone gives as the Lord leads. Some in our body are able to give thousands and some tens, but if each of us gives, we will exceed this goal.

Q:  What will the Flourish Campaign money be spent on this year?

We have pinpointed the following areas for our Flourish funds in 2019:

New City Growth ($250,000): When we purchased our current building in 2014, we knew that God had provided the perfect location for a ministry hub in our city’s center. We also knew that we could outgrow the space quickly. In fact, just a year after we began having services, we raised enough money to pay for a building addition that has enabled us to disciple kids, students, and adults more effectively. Now two years later, it is clear that God is calling us again to expand our ministry reach. Subsequently, the main objective of our Flourish Campaign this year will be to raise funds to start another New City campus in a different part of the city in order to reach more people with the message of Jesus. We do not have a location yet, but we need to be prepared to act when we do!

Local Missions ($25,000): Our first priority for “missions” work is to the people and neighborhoods that surround us. This has always been the heart of New City, and with the expansion of our Justice & Care ministry, our vision has been sharpened to five key initiatives: At-Risk Families, Children & Youth, Empowerment, Evangelism, and the Under-Resourced/Homeless.

    • At-Risk Family Initiative: Our partnerships with Safe Families, Christian Family Care, and AZ127 give us the opportunity to serve families and children in the foster care system.
    • Children & Youth Initiative: With Kenilworth Elementary, we assist in teacher and parent support and student enrichment through after-school activities and school service projects.
    • Empowerment Initiative: HustlePHX helps bring renewal to the most neglected parts of Phoenix by providing job training and business development.
    • Under-Resourced/Homeless Initiative: We partner with numerous local organizations to provide resources for the working poor and homeless in our community.

International Church Planting ($50,000): Each year we invest in church planting through our relationship with the Orchard Group, an organization committed to planting churches in hard to reach urban areas around the world. Orchard helped us start New City, and now we invest in other church planters who will take the message of the Gospel into places that few other organizations are able to reach, places like San Francisco, New York, Paris, Istanbul, Cape Town, Lagos (Nigeria), and Bangalore (India). We have committed $100,000 over 5 years time to the church, Eglise St. Lazare in Paris. This city is less than 1% Christian with as few as one gospel-teaching church per 150,000 people. With our commitment to Paris met, we can turn to other exciting projects that the Lord puts before us.

Q:  When does the Flourish Campaign start and end?

November 3 marks the beginning of our campaign this year, and we encourage all Flourish giving to be completed by December 31. However, you can give to the Flourish Campaign at any time throughout the year.

Q: How do I give?

You can give in multiple ways:

Give Online. If you have previously donated online, simply log-in, click Give Now or Schedule Giving, and select “Flourish Campaign” from the drop-down box. If you have not previously made an online donation, you will need to go through a quick registration process before you enter your contribution.

Give on Sunday. Place your cash or check donation in the offering boxes.

Give via Text. Text 602.833.1446 the amount and the word Flourish (example: $100 Flourish).

Give by Mail. Send a check with “Flourish” in the memo line to New City Church, PO BOX 2293, Phoenix, AZ 85002.

Q:  Is my Flourish Campaign giving a part of my normal tithe giving or an offering above and beyond that?

Giving to the Flourish Campaign is considered an offering that would be in addition to normal giving. Of course, all donations given to New City Church are tax deductible.