If you’ve been out over the Christmas Holiday you may not have heard about the 21-day Daniel fast that we’ll be starting on January 3rd! During this time of fasting, we will be doing the 21-day Fast Reading Plan found at YouVersion.com. Additionally, we encourage you to join the conversation on our Facebook Page for updates and stories. On January 24th, we will celebrate with communion and a night of worship at New City Church from 6:45-7:45.

The Daniel fast is based the fasts found in Daniel 1 and Daniel 10. During this fast we will use daniel-fast.com as the main resource for “what to eat and what not to eat.” This diet allows fruits, nuts, grains and unleavened breads. This website suggests only water, but juices, natural teas, etc. are allowable. The big no-nos are meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, sweets and breads. As is true in the tradition of many longer fasts, we will take Sundays off to celebrate the goodness of God by eating a normal diet. We are looking forward to starting off 2012 with an intense focus on what God has for us and we believe this fast is an important part of that!  We pray that you’ll join us!