February 22 – April 6

Before beginning his earthly ministry, Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. It was this event that has inspired Christians, since the Church’s earliest days, to practice the discipline of fasting over a 40-day period preceding Easter. This year, New City will join millions of others observing Lent, including days of fasting and daily devotional teachings, beginning on Ash Wednesday and concluding Easter Sunday. We pray that you will participate with us as we all seek to grow closer to our savior.


What does Lent mean at New City?

Lenten Sacrifice

Church-wide Fasting

Every Wednesday, we will participate in a fast together in which we will only drink water for 24 hours, beginning on sundown Tuesday night (to Wednesday evening).

Daily Devotional

Download our devotional by week, featuring Bible readings and prayer prompts, on our website or our app.