On Monday, June 27th New City will host its first ever “City Life” event. Simply put, City Life is for anyone who has more questions about life at New City Church. You might want to hear more about the overall vision of the church, get to know the staff better or simply find out how to get connected by serving or attending a Neighborhood Community. Whatever your situation, we encourage you to join us.


City Life is also for those wanting to learn more about becoming a part of the “covenant community” at New City. Sound strange? Well, it is sort of like becoming a “member,” but different. Come to City Life and we’ll explain. For those not sure about how involved they intend to be, City Life is the perfect place because no question is off-limits and there is no expectation for anyone to make an on the spot decision. Information and inspiration is the goal of City Life.

We will host City Life at our New City Studio (812 N 2nd Ave) in downtown Phoenix from 6:00-8:45. Due to space constraints, we cannot offer childcare onsite but we do understand that paying for a sitter can cause financial strain for some. Because we want everyone who wants to come to be able to make it, we will reimburse you for your childcare costs. Just fill-out reimbursement form when you arrive at City Life and we’ll take it from there. See you at City Life!