Several people in the past week have asked me about the Flourish Campaign and where we are on the construction schedule for the new student/kids addition. Well, here is the very exciting news! We met our goal of $450,000! To date, we have received $461,500 in Flourish giving. As a team, we have been blown away at how you have responded to our growing needs at New City, as well as funding ministry around the world.

Just to remind you, we have invested approximately $100,000 to projects not related to the construction. Those include our international church planting efforts (primarily in Paris), our support of orphanages/educational centers through Good News India, and the continued support of ministry to under-resourced areas of South Phoenix, largely through HustlePHX.

The rest of the funds are going to projects on our campus, to add about 2,400 sq/ft to serve our students and children better and to expand the worship auditorium, allowing us to add 200 more available seats for each service. The worship expansion happens this summer, and construction on the addition will begin soon and be completed this winter!

From the beginning, we have said that $450,000 wasn’t enough to pay for all of this, and it isn’t. The construction for the addition alone will be $450,000, and the auditorium expansion is $40,000. In addition there are soft costs for chairs and other equipment, like shades for the windows that will now be along the east wall of the auditorium. We have always tried to do things as streamlined and simple as possible, but all commercial projects have a level of cost to them that cannot be avoided.

So, if you haven’t given, please still do, as we have already spent $150,000 of the Flourish funds. For those who have given, THANK YOU! As the ministry of New City grows, we are humbled by your trust and generosity as we continue to make disciples in the heart of the city who are taking the message of Jesus to the places we live, work, study and play.