If you are anything like me, the New Year is here before you know it and it sort of starts with a fizzle.  Here’s what I mean: This time of year our focus is rightly on Christmas and all that goes into getting ready for the Christmas season.  And, as soon as it is over (and I mean like 12/26 or even the night of 12/25 in our house), we are packing up the Christmas clutter and reclaiming the house again.  Then, in a breath, New Year’s day is here, a day spent watching football and still eating like you are on vacation. And now, here it is…January 2nd! Fizzle……

Now that you are completely motivated :) , let’s look forward.  2014 is an empty slate and is ready for your input.  It might be a year that is completely unpredictable; after all, we all must acknowledge that we aren’t really as in control as we like to think. Yet, for most of us, 2014 will be a year that will go as far as we go.  For instance, will we be intentional about our relationships in 2014? Will we disciple our kids? Will we finish, or start, our degree?  Will we spend some real vacation time with family? Will we pray and seek the Lord more consistently?  Will we become more focused at work? Will we…you get the point.  2014 is waiting for your input…what will that be?

For the next two weeks at New City, we will encourage you personally to consider what God might want for you this year and also discuss what 2014 might look like for New City as we seek to take the Gospel to Phoenix and the surrounding valley this year.  If 2014 is anything like 2013, then get ready for a really fun ride.

Time to shake off the holiday fizzle and begin attacking the pages of this new year.