We Are Family



The following content is based on the message “The Church is Family” spoken on 08/07/16 by Brian Kruckenberg at New City Church in Phoenix, AZ. The following is not meant to be a full synopsis of the message but rather a brief look at the main ideas. To use this Study Guide effectively you must listen to the message found at

Leaders using these Study Notes for group study and reflection should read the Biblical text thoroughly before beginning, using this resource as assistance and not relying solely on this material for insight. We encourage all leaders to pray and ask the Spirit for revelation as they lead their respective communities.


Pray and ask God to lead the discussion as everyone gets to share.

THE SCRIPTURE: Ephesians 4:1-16


This passage describes the church, but it starts with Paul pleading with the Ephesian church to live up to their calling that he described in chapter 3. So what is the calling? Read Ephesians 3:7-11.

The church is the plan. We are the plan. As the church we are supposed to live out God’s gospel—his good news. When we live out the good news, God’s plan is made known on earth and the heavenly places.

  • In the past what have you thought that God’s plan is for the church?
  • Why do you think it is important to know that living out God’s plan not only makes his wisdom visible on earth, but also in the heavenly places?


In order to live out this gospel that Paul described, we have to know what it is. To see it, we have to go back to Ephesians chapter 2.  Read Ephesians 2:13-16.

It is good news, or gospel, that we can reconciled back to God. Because of our sin, we were all considered far off from God, but the blood of Jesus makes peace.

  • The word “gospel” is used a lot. How would you describe this gospel that Paul is describing?
  • As people, how do you see us with walls of hostility up toward others?
  • How does Jesus body and blood break down human walls of hostility?
  • What are some ways can the church live out its calling to be one new person?


The church is supposed to be like nothing anyone has seen before. 

The church is for everyone. 

The church is united as one.

The church is eternal.

The church is us.

….and Christ is the one who did it!

Therefore we should live each other in humility, gentleness, patience. We were brought together in love as one.

  • Even when we disagree, how can we be united in humility, gentleness, patience, and love?


God gave his church gifts as a sign of his victory. These gifts are to be used to equip the the body as whole, which means gifts are meant to be used. If they just sit there without being used and developed, they don’t build up the rest of the body. Every person is important, so every person needs to play their part.

  • What kind of role do you feel like you have in the church?
  • How do you feel like you are developing your gifting?
  • When every person realizes their importance, what kind of strength does that bring to the whole body?
  • What are some things that we can be doing as Community Group to help each other develop our own gifts?
  • Pray for unity in our group and church. Pray that everyone feels like they can get involved and everyone feels important.